Haroon Asrar

Haroon Asrar is a distinguished partner at Solomon and Co., specializing in General Corporate, Infrastructure Law, Real Estate, Contract & Infrastructure Project Management, Mergers and Acquisitions, and Commercial Arbitration. With a wealth of experience and expertise in both legal and management fields, Mr. Asrar has a demonstrated history of successful engagements in the Infrastructure and corporate sectors.

With a profound skill set, Mr. Asrar stands out as a leading Infrastructure & Corporate Counsel with the capability to navigate complex and large-scale transactions with finesse and agility. His adept crisis management abilities are underscored by a proven track record of successfully overseeing every aspect of active investigations, extending expert advice and representation to clients through numerous high-profile investigations, and making invaluable contributions to risk identification, data analysis, witness preparation, and the identification and presentation of key information.

He is known for offering strategic guidance that aligns with the business objectives of his clients and for his role as a trusted advisor in complex negotiations and settlements.

At Solomon and Co., Haroon Asrar is a pivotal figure, contributing his extensive experience and unique skill set to enhance the firm’s capabilities in delivering exceptional legal services to clients across various industry sectors. His ability to address challenges with insightful strategies, coupled with his commitment to achieving favourable legal outcomes, has earned him a reputation.